Sunday, December 20, 2009

The incessant games he plays

In the last few months, Herbie would play and incessantly say hello to everyone and everything. It was really funny. I would wake up on the morning and be greeted with a "Hi" and I would change his diaper and watch him wave hello at me. He would be playing with his toys and whenever he sensed someone was watching him he would begin to wave and say, "Hi". I was very excited! My baby can talk.

During my finals Herbie went to California to visit some of his family, he came back having learned another new trick. The backward bend. He does it all the time and loves it. I would be carrying him and all of a sudden, "weeeee" he would bend his own body back and begin to laugh with joy.

He has not yet learned how to walk yet, but it really looks like he is trying.
He is really good at pulling up and escaping from his chair. Very soon I will have a walking toddler. Oh dear!

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