Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Really cool dentist office in Anthem

Ricky and Herbie had a great time there.
State of the Art Pediatric dentist in Anthem.
Really awesome movie theatres for infants and toddlers.
They are very nice there. They give lots of great advice and
give you really neats samples.
They gave Herbie a helium balloon and some sugar free lollipops after his visit.
He really like the balloon.
Equipped with toys, video games, and building blocks.

I would highly recommend :)

Anthem Pediatric Dentistry
2843 St. Rose Parkway
Suite 100
Henderson, NV 89052

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Herbie's Easter Egg Hunt

Herbie had a nice easter egg hunt on Easter. Richard and Herbie dyed eggs together. It was so adorable.
I typically didn't celebrate Easter as a child, so it was pretty interesting to have seen how happy it made Herbie run around looking for the colorful eggs. I forgot to bring my camera out during the hunt, but it was the cutest thing ever.
My dad and Ricky cheered him on as he looked so proud every time he found one. Of course after he found almost a dozen eggs, he got hungry and started to try to shove them in his mouth :)

When Herbie turned 1 year old...

We had a nice little birthday party for Herbie at our new place in the Greenwood Townhouse community. Everyone was invited to join Herbie as he celebrated a whole year of growth and developing into a little toddler.

I just want to thank everyone for Herbie as he loves all the gifts that were received.

Jan Hettich, Sarah Breaux, Sharon Andres, Robert Kiss, and Charley! Thank you guys for joining our family on Herbie's Bday and helping us make it a fun and memorable day for him.

There were also gifts sent from the Grijalva's, the Rosen's, and the Eng's who were not able to attend the party. Herbie loves all the nice books and gifts that were sent. Thank you!

(Yes, I am acknowledging his auntie Ming Mo for his cool red Adiddas's, brought back warm memories of when I used to wear red Adidas with fat orange laces!)

I was very happy as my mother and father were there to bring smiles and of course the delicious egg rolls and curry dinner for everyone to enjoy. Also, Sarah provided the catered chicken wings that lasted us weeks after the party :)

After the party, we had the opportunity to spend 2 nights in a nice suite at the new

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Herbie had a wonderful Christmas. For Christmas Eve's eve Herbie got to spend time with Grandpa Eng and his 94 year old Kong in Modesto. He really made his two Grandpa's pretty happy. We spent the night in Kong's 5 bedroom house where he lives there alone with Grandpa Eng. Herbie got to spend the night with his mommy and daddy in a bed that was harder than a rock! There, he played with his aunties two dogs Lassie and Princess. He really enjoyed himself there and liked climbing up and down the stairs and all over Grandpa Eng.

I was very sick the entire trip. My fever got up to 103 with terrible chills. I was pretty miserable but Herbie managed to somehow avoid the bug. What a strong boy!

Herbie spent Christmas Eve in Benecia where he got to spend some time with Grandma Lucy and Aunti Meggy. We all traveled to San Jose to have Christmas Eve dinner with Ricky's uncle Ruben and auntie Judy, the "Grijalva's", and he got to play with his auntie Mary and Margie. Everyone had gifts for Herbie. He scored new pajama's and outfits for the new year, not to mention plenty of Christmas cash to buy him diapers and formula:) Ricky's aunt Judy made a very nice quilt for Herbie too. It was so soft.

Christmas was spent in Benecia at Ricky's aunt Liney and uncle Greg's house. There everyone had a stocking and lots of gifts to share. There were tasty bagels, lox, and plenty of fresh squeezed Orange juice that Herbie enjoyed munching on. Herbie got to play with Ricky's cousin Hannah and Will and other friends and family.

Herbie was given lot's of stuffed animals and toys. He also got a handmade quilt from Grandma Lucy and a turtle quilt from Grandma Melly. We drove home after Christmas brunch and stopped at Harvey's Ranch. We listened to Christmas music and sang Christmas songs all the way home. It was a long drive.

The last couple of days, we have been recovering from a long Christmas week. Today Grandma Melly flew in town and Herbie went on a toy shopping spree and got all kinds of toys.

Herbie had a very Merry Christmas and he is hoping for a very happy New Year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The incessant games he plays

In the last few months, Herbie would play and incessantly say hello to everyone and everything. It was really funny. I would wake up on the morning and be greeted with a "Hi" and I would change his diaper and watch him wave hello at me. He would be playing with his toys and whenever he sensed someone was watching him he would begin to wave and say, "Hi". I was very excited! My baby can talk.

During my finals Herbie went to California to visit some of his family, he came back having learned another new trick. The backward bend. He does it all the time and loves it. I would be carrying him and all of a sudden, "weeeee" he would bend his own body back and begin to laugh with joy.

He has not yet learned how to walk yet, but it really looks like he is trying.
He is really good at pulling up and escaping from his chair. Very soon I will have a walking toddler. Oh dear!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pictures of first week of school

Herbie got the sniffle bug

Herbie enjoys going to school. He has learned to sponge paint, but last week he got bit by the sniffle bug and has been sick for a few days. He came home with a runny nose. Last night we went to Light the night and he really enjoyed the lit balloons and seeing all of Sharon's friends.