Sunday, May 9, 2010

When Herbie turned 1 year old...

We had a nice little birthday party for Herbie at our new place in the Greenwood Townhouse community. Everyone was invited to join Herbie as he celebrated a whole year of growth and developing into a little toddler.

I just want to thank everyone for Herbie as he loves all the gifts that were received.

Jan Hettich, Sarah Breaux, Sharon Andres, Robert Kiss, and Charley! Thank you guys for joining our family on Herbie's Bday and helping us make it a fun and memorable day for him.

There were also gifts sent from the Grijalva's, the Rosen's, and the Eng's who were not able to attend the party. Herbie loves all the nice books and gifts that were sent. Thank you!

(Yes, I am acknowledging his auntie Ming Mo for his cool red Adiddas's, brought back warm memories of when I used to wear red Adidas with fat orange laces!)

I was very happy as my mother and father were there to bring smiles and of course the delicious egg rolls and curry dinner for everyone to enjoy. Also, Sarah provided the catered chicken wings that lasted us weeks after the party :)

After the party, we had the opportunity to spend 2 nights in a nice suite at the new

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